Lord Brougham Canapés


Canapé Box – 25 Pieces

All our canapés are handmade to order for your event. They are made using the finest fresh ingredients and packed in boxes of 25. Each box has 4 of each canapé and one extra to make up the box. We have balanced the selections in each box to give both colour and variety to the selection.

      • Roquefort – Pumpernickel, Roquefort cheese, tomato, capers
        • Roquefort – Pumpernickel, fromage Roquefort, tomato, câpres
      • Artichoke – Brown toast, crème cheese, chutney, parsley
        • Artichaut – Pain complet, fromage à la crème, chutney, persil
      • Hummus – Pumpernickel, Gherkin, peppers, spring onions
        • Hummus – Pumpernickel, cornichon, poivrons, cébette
      • Goats Cheese – Brown toast, tangy orange marmalade, basil
        • Chèvre – Pain complet, marmelade d’orange amère, basilic
      • Organic Egg – Toast, egg mayonnaise, tomato, curly parsley
        • Œufs BioToast, mayonnaise aux œufs, tomate, persil frisé
      • Wild Mushroom – Pumpernickel, crème fresh, grain mustard
        • Champignon Sauvage – Pumpernickel, crème fraîche, moutarde à l’ancienne



How many Canapés?

  • 2 Hours – 6 pieces per person €9/person
  • 3 Hours – 8 pieces per person €12/person
  • 4 Hours – 10 pieces per person €15/person

Canapés may vary with the season and decoration may change but will always be up to our exacting standards. We reserve the right to change canapés in all boxes without notice. Please ask if you have any special requirements.

Canapés may contain nuts, dairy, gluten, fish, crustacean, wheat, soya, eggs