February 6, 2018

Cannes Dragons Top the ligue!


JANUARY 28, 2018

Our Dragons were warned, the Nazairians would wait for them, Saturday night, at the turn and do not expect to give them a break.
With a private team since Christmas Thomas Zass and more recently of Alexis Farjaudon (injured in the last game against Lyon), Cannes residents were due to be vigilant against their opponents. And it is in this state of mind that they made the trip this weekend.

Always motivated and focused on their goals, men Arnaud Josserand led by their captain Jiri Kral, faced early in the match at St Nazaire wave. The latter, surprising the Cannois, won the first set 25-23. But against attack Cannes was not to be expected and it is on a 25-19 score as the Dragons back to one set all before the break for 10 minutes.  Read more >>

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