Champagne Reception only the very best!

A champagne reception is generally defined as a party that serves champagne and non-alcoholic beverages. These functions usually offer canapés and often occur during the mid to late afternoon. CannesChef likes to expand on the typical definition and believes that the champagne reception is a versatile way to entertain. Here are some of the ways to make your celebration unique and festive.

Location is very important to a wedding ceremony, however, most champagne receptions can be held anywhere. The gardens of the family home, a shady area of a local park, an unusual art gallery or your place of worship could set the backdrop for your celebration. A romantic champagne reception could take place on a boat, on the beach or in the grounds of your villa.

It is essential to select a location that will allow guests to comfortably mingle and yet provide the attendees an intimate setting.

If you're having a short corporate event, five or six types of canapé will be sufficient. Plan on each guests eating one or two of each kind.

If your event takes place during meal hours, your guests will be hungry and there should be enough food to constitute a meal. Buy eight to ten types of canapés and plan on each guest eating two to three of each.