Everything you need to host a fabulous Corporate Event

Corporate events are the life blood of the business community. They're great for networking and you can serve high-quality canapés and ensure all your guests are fed and watered while they all do business. Our canapés will ensure there's plenty of choice for your guests.

The key to any great corporate event is for the host to have as much fun as the guests. This will make sure the business side of the event is managed by you.

If you're having a short corporate event, five or six types of canapé will be sufficient. Plan on each guests eating one or two of each kind.

If your event takes place during meal hours, your guests will be hungry and there should be enough food to constitute a meal. Buy eight to ten types of canapés and plan on each guest eating two to three of each.

Also, younger men tend to eat more than women and seniors, so if you have lots of ties on your guest list, add a few extra canapés!